Stella Maris EC Earring 3

A symbol of infinite beauty: Reminiscent of the infinity sign, the two black ceramic rings are what give this necklace its chic, timelessly elegant look. The two rings are connected by a bejewelled silver bridge and combined with a dainty silver necklace. Three diamonds and six Swarovski zirconia elements have been manually set into the pendant. The design is a true expression of pureness and serves to complement the beauty of the wearer as it effortlessly blends into every type of outfit. Thereby, the extra lightweight ceramic material provides high wearing comfort, making this accessory suitable for daily wear. Also, the silver parts are all coated with a Rhodium layer. This enhances the material's shine by protecting it from outside influences. Add a tasteful touch of luxury to your daily wardrobe - with this classic diamond ceramic necklace from Stella Maris!

Product highlights:

  • Stella Maris silver necklace with ceramic pendant adorned with diamonds and Swarovski zirconia
  • Materials: Sterling silver 925 with extra Rhodium finishing, black premium ceramic, Swarovski zirconia, genuine diamonds
  • Chain: Anchor chain with lobster clasp and tear-drop chain ends, Size: 45.0 cm (extendable)
  • Pendant: Two circular ceramic elements combined by a silver bridge, Size: 3.6 cm
  • Diamonds: 3 white diamonds à 1.1 mm, clarity grade SI II
  • Swarovski elements: 6 white Swarovski zirconia à 1.2 mm, top quality SIG
  • Workmanship: All stones set by hand, jewellery piece polished by hand
  • Article No: STMJ6-179b
  • RRP: 339,00 €

Product Details:

  • Target goup: Women
  • Product type: Earrings
  • Diamond specification: 3 Diamonds à 1.1 mm
  • Jewel specification: 6 Zirconia à 1.2 mm
  • Material: Premium Ceramic
  • Surface: Rhodium-plated
  • Stone colour: White
  • Band material: Sterling Silver 925